Run a Dedicated Private Cloud for your

Privazio helps you deploy your private cloud like a pro.

Automation Toolkit

Privazio Automates your Apache Cloudstack Deployment with an inmutable toolkit based on Ansible and Docker
Apache Cloudstack

Run on metal of your choice

Privazio helps deploy on affordable metal, no need to own a data center
Dedicated Servers

Privazio is designed to deploy to dedicated servers, including affordable options such as Hetzner or Scaleway.

Own metal

Privazio can deploy to low power industrial servers easy to host at your office, home or garage.

Hybrid deployment

Privazio is designed to allow you mixing both dedicated and own metal.

How it works

Privazio provides an automation toolkit that allows you to deploy from metal to service with confidence.
Layered Automation

Multiple Layered Ansible Collections are delivered, they target infrastructure automation at different independent levels with clear interfaces between them.

Inmutable Toolkit

Ansible, Collections, Plugins and Python Dependencies are all sealed in an inmutable dockerized toolkit.

Continuous delivery

The toolkit is continiously tested against multiple versions of all dependencies: OS, ACS, Ansible, Collections, etc. A new ACS deployment is created and tested every night and on every project commit.

Privazio CLI

The Privazio toolkit is delivered as a simple Command Line Interface. Your environment is ready to automate your cloud deployement with maximum confidence, from metal to service.

European Cloudstack User Group

Presentation: from metal to service 100% automation with Apache Cloudstack and Ansible.

Get started with Privazio

Start contributing and automating your cloud from metal to service.
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